who we are

Stand With Congo is an inclusive social movement hub uniting activists, civil society leaders, techies, private sector innovators, and other global citizens with the Congo peace movement.

Launched as a mining transparency campaign, Stand With Congo has grown into a global platform for human rights in Congo supported by a thriving diverse international community, and the birthplace of Mighty Peace Coffee.

the standwithcongo community:
anatomy of a global movement










the movement leaders

From young, nonviolent, pro democracy activists rallying the public to civil society leaders building their communities and diaspora members steering the international community, Congolese are leading the peace movement. Movement leaders determine Stand With Congo’s actions and communications.​

Civil Society


Congolese-founded and led community organizations advancing rights and services for the Congolese people​​



Non-violent non-partisan youth advancing a shared desire for a united, truly independent, prosperous Congo​​


Non-violent non-partisan community leaders living outside the national borders, working in unison with civil society and the youth movement to rally international solidarity

Offline Volunteers

StandWithCongo support team

Stand With Congo personnel, lead organizers, advisory board members, and volunteers support Movement Leaders by amplifying Congolese narratives and messages, coordinating and organizing advocacy events, an online community of tens of thousands, producing multimedia and storytelling series, and building a global community taking action in solidarity with the Congolese peace movement.

Advisory Board

Dynamic leaders from business, media, philanthropy, and the arts dedicated to leveraging their skills and platforms to advance peace and democracy 

Halima Olapade
Halima Olapade

Halima is a software engineer at Google NY, a proud Nigerian technologist and all round creative. In the past, she has applied her skills extensively in data analytics research and has received awards for accomplishments in ICT. At Stand With Congo, Halima serves as an advisor representing the intersection of African interests and the use of African resources in the ever evolving technology development space.

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Kwame Marfo
Kwame Marfo

Kwame has a decade and half of experience in business, government, civil society and media sectors across four continents, having previously worked at the Bank of England. Kwame is on the boards of the Microfinance Club of New York, Infoview Data Solutions Limited and Nuku Health Ltd. He has a BS (Hons) from Binghamton University, an MBA from the University of Michigan and an MSc from LSE.

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Bilan Stribling
Bilan Stribling

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Professional. Ms. Stribling is a nascent visionary. Throughout her journey, she has been a firm believer of Acting local and thinking global. She dedicated most of her academic career promoting social justice and employing microfinance strategies to strengthen the economic subsistence in the communities she served.

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Coordinating Team

The dedicated crew coordinating multimedia production, communications, advocacy, and campaigns in solidarity with the peace movement

Christian Ngalula
Christian Ngalula

Christian is a teacher of English, social entrepreneur and human rights activist. He founded the Great Vision Center in 2008 to train young people in learning English and computing as a way of bridging global communities. Christian empowers young people with skills in business and entrepreneurship, public management and civic leadership and develops good leadership and good governance in order to prepare future leaders of Congo at different levels.

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Hélène Estèves
Hélène Estèves

Hélène is a digital media producer with a background in political science and cinema studies and significant experience in socially engaged work. She specializes in creating media content that challenges stereotypical representations of places and people. Hélène has received her Masters from Tisch School of the Arts where she was the recipient of a Wasserman scholarship. Her expertise lies within the representation of foreign culture in US cinema and politics in production.

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Lasco Nawezi
Lasco Nawezi

Lasco is Congolese born and a United States veteran who has served the nation both in peace and war times. He has worked in Congo where he has developed knowledge of the social-economic challenges Congo is facing including corruption, embezzlement of public resources and bribery. At Stand With Congo, Lasco acts as a liaison between Stand With Congo and the US Congolese Diaspora of the Washington metropolitan area. Lasco has a passion for nature conservancy, soccer, music and travel.

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Grassroots Organizers



Campus and community organizers planning and hosting actions and events in 17 countries and counting


partners of StandWithCongo 

The StandWithCongo community receives the support of various partners and Congo experts.


Leading organizations outside of Congo advancing myriad levers towards peace, democracy, and human rights.


Respected leaders advancing research and policy aimed at peace, democracy, and human rights 

Stand With Congo transparency
Our Funders

Stand With Congo receives funding from grassroots donations, foundation grants, and corporate sponsorship.

Impact Investment

#StandWithCongo achieves impact through investing in advocacy programs, multimedia production, and a small dose of administrative costs.






Foundation grants

Film Production





Grassroots donations

this includes $26,000 sent directly to Congolese civil society groups.