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Stand With Congo supports the critical human rights struggle through its commitments to lead global advocacy efforts, increase civic space in Congo, and amplify nuanced messages reclaiming the narrative of a vibrant hopeful Congo.




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Stand With Congo works in collaboration with local Congolese activists, civil society, partners, and experts to coordinate actions that aim to end cycles of corruption and challenge those who stand in the way of democratic elections.


Screening4Action hosts are trained by the support team to screen the Stand With Congo film and empower audience members to take action in support of Congo peace.


Join organizers from 17 countries and counting by hosting a screening in your community

US Congressional Advocacy

The peace movement is strengthened when elected officials speak out in support of human rights and democracy in Congo. Stand With Congo is organizing free trainings to prepare you to meet your Member of Congress. 

Sign up to be trained in U.S. advocacy and meet your member of Congress

Transparency Petition 

Congolese political elites have been issued a virtual ‘blank check’ through shady deals with multinational mining corporations, funneling much-needed funds away from health, education, and the security sector, and the finantial support needed to resist democratic efforts. Stand With Congo organizes activist communities in Congo and surrounding African nations, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, in 17 countries total to lead the push for transparency in the extractive industries to ensure all such dealings in Congo meet international standards. Join this push for mining transparency and sign our human rights petition.

Targeted Media

Stand With Congo is reclaiming the narrative in the global media.


increasing civic space

We produce multimedia and coordinate high level stakeholder events that focus on economic interests, international norm setting, counter the current narrative, champion diplomatic engagement, and foster resilience to increase civic space.

#ByeByeKabila Campaign

Congolese activists in DRC and the diaspora launched a December campaign calling on President Kabila to respect democracy and step down by the constitutionally mandated deadline of December 19th. Stand With Congo amplified these efforts daily as part of the #ByeByeKabila

& 19 Dec #KabilaMustGo Campaigns.

Release Congo's Future Campaign

Leaders from the non-violent pro-democracy youth movements in Congo have been arrested and tortured for acts as simple as handing out flyers and speaking out for respect for the Constitution.


#StandWithCongo supports the LUCHA-led campaign demanding the release of their compatriots, #LiberezLavenirDuCongo (Release Congo's Future)


reclaiming the narrative

We produce daily multimedia content, weekly storytelling series, and film to reclaim the narrative of a dynamic hopeful Congo.

I #StandWithCongo series

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